Sponsored: Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Review and Backstage with The Offspring

I had the incredible opportunity of not only trying a brand of hot sauce I'd never tried before, but also attending The Offspring (and Sublime) concert in Boston, MA where I got to go backstage to meet the lead singer and creator of the Gringo Bandito hot sauce line, Dexter Holland. Despite knowing The Offspring... Continue Reading →

Gather Chocolate by Harbor Sweets Review

Prior to their release on September 6, 2016, I had the opportunity to try a free sample of Gather Chocolate by Harbor Sweets, which makes handcrafted artisan chocolates. Even though this was my first taste of Gather Chocolate, I found it hard to believe that such beautifully crafted chocolates are handmade. In addition to making... Continue Reading →

Flaviar – Liquor and Spirits Club

I am an avid whiskey fan and when Flaviar contacted me to give their service a try, I jumped at the opportunity. Flaviar is a self-described liquor and spirits club for people who love to try different brands or varieties of alcohol. The draw of the club is that members can order sample boxes of... Continue Reading →

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